July 12, 2021

Creating Progressive Social Impact with Stephanie Young

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Creating Progressive Social Impact with Stephanie Young


It’s time to make some social impact, Sis! Today we’ve got Communications, Culture, & Social Impact Strategist, Stephanie Young, joining the series, and she’s speaking all about:

  • what it was like being in Cape Town during it’s transition from Apartheid to Democracy
  • her journey to becoming Executive Director of When We All Vote, Michelle Obama’s non-partisan voting initiative
  • exciting initiatives from Civic Nation, a nonprofit that supports people around the issues that will define this generation

Get ready to get inspired!


More About Stephanie

Stephanie L. Young serves as the Executive Director of When We All Vote, a non-partisan voting initiative launched by Michelle Obama in 2018. She has over 15 years of strategic communications and public engagement experience ranging from the Obama White House, political campaigns, House Democratic Leadership and leading television networks, BET and NBC Cable Ent. She has a proven track record of building strong connections and developing creative solutions for issues involving culture, entertainment, justice, politics and activism in the public and private sectors.

Stephanie led the When We All Vote’s communications team in 2020, whose messaging and cultural strategy helped register over 500,000 voters— the largest increase in voter participation in over 120 years. She brought strong partnerships to the table and helped recruit over 400 artists, athletes, and influencers to help the campaign reach over 220 million individuals on social media.

During her time in the Obama Administration, Stephanie had the unique opportunity of serving in two critical roles as the Associate Communications Director and then as the Senior Public Engagement Advisor in the Office of Public Engagement. Prior to her White House stint, she worked as the National Press Secretary for Majority Leader Hoyer and Communications Director for the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC).

Stephanie is a graduate of Hampton University who has also lived in Atlanta, Cape Town, Dallas, Jacksonville, Washington D.C, and Brooklyn before moving to Los Angeles, California where she currently resides.


Keep Up With Stephanie

Instagram: @slynnyoung

Organization Instagram: @whenweallvote

Twitter: @stephlyoung

Website: stephlyoung.com


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