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our mission is to redefine luxury beyond materialism, as a state of mind and a state of being premium entertainment and educational content. if poverty mindsets can exist, so can abundant mindsets. and if one’s mindset can control their state of being, then… well, you can likely assume the rest. that’s why we’re here.

we didn’t always have such a premium brand with the community, the content or the thousands and thousands of downloads...

boujee boss media is the result of nearly five years worth of trial and error. our founder, khala simmons, started in the health and wellness industry with direct sales (mlm) in 2017 before tapping into her writing chops in 2018 and joining a local newspaper and a business and fashion journalist in 2019. in the midst of climbing those ranks pretty quickly, khala also launched her first media brand, the melanin perspective, a self-development blog for black women.

shortly after being promoted to arts & culture editor, life took a crazy turn in 2020 and khala found herself starting a new media consulting business and a little show called the boujee boss up podcast. a surge of misaligned choices, lots of groundbreaking revelations and a million pivots later… she finally got it together, chile. and she got a few more crazy disruptors to join the movement!


meet team boujee

khala simmons,
chief disruption officer

erica ortiz,
chief creative officer

learn her story:

learn her story:

boujee boss media

her timeless brand

shaneece thompson,
creative director

dianza gonzalez,
production manager

learn her story:

learn her story:

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glariel candles

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