this is for the girls who want the best.

and we’re not just talking about designer bags, blingy jewelry and premiere bundles. those things are always welcomed (and we do mean always), but quite meaningless if you’re not evolving internally.

redefining luxury through disruptive storytelling.

boujee boss media is a mass media company that produces premium entertainment and educational content for high-performing women.

leveraging that content, our mission is to redefine luxury beyond materialism, as a state of mind and a state of being. if poverty mindsets can exist, so can abundant mindsets. and if one’s mindset can control their state of being, then… well, you can likely assume the rest. that’s why we’re here.


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as a former publicist, newspaper editor, blogger, social media manager, podcast/media host, producer and filmmaker — khala's learned just a tad about how to navigate the craziness that is media & entertainment. now she's sharing her expertise with industry newbies and hopefuls to make their journey easier! 

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story disrupted:

the formation of boujee boss media

come behind the screen — and the mic — to get an uncut look at building the legacy brand that is boujee boss media from conception to launch completion.

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