April 19, 2021

Minority Girl in a Majority World: Navigating the Entertainment World as a WOC with Akiya McKnight

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Minority Girl in a Majority World: Navigating the Entertainment World as a WOC with Akiya McKnight


Are you camera ready, Sis?! In today’s episode, Akiya McKnight and I discuss:


  • the best advice for WOC looking to get started in the entertainment industry
  • how to optimize your time in important rooms to yield desirable results
  • realistic and unrealistic expectations for industry newcomers


This one is for all my industry hopefuls!


More about Akiya

With an obsessed love for writing and storytelling in multiple capacities the professional turned writer/producer Akiya McKnight has been embarking on her film career as writer/producer for the last 5 years. She has written and produced 5 film festival favorite shorts SERVED, Black Mask, Drift, Bone Deep and Daddy’s Home. Akiya has also produced brand content for the Recording Academy. In 2017 she took an innovative leap and produced a scripted podcast called District Queen. In 2020 she produced another hit podcast, Women With The Blueprint, which helps women of color navigate their career dreams in entertainment.
Akiya has worked on productions such as Survivors Remorse, ATLANTA, Warner Brother’s Doom Patrol, AMC’s Lodge 49 and MTV’s Scream Series and for Tyler Perry Studios. She currently works as executive support to a creative executive at Shondaland. Akiya currently resides in Los Angeles and is working on three new scripted/unscripted shows as well as multiple podcasts. Her mission is to tell full spectrum stories of women and minority experience from all over the world. Through Akiya‘s work she aims to entertain, educate and enlighten through her projects.
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Instagram: @visionarher
Health and Wellness Instagram: @gratitudeisthemood


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