April 26, 2021

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY: Celebrating Big Milestones, Lessons, and More!

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IT’S MY BIRTHDAY: Celebrating Big Milestones, Lessons, and More!


What’s up y’all?! It’s been sooo long since I’ve recorded a solo episode, like almost two months, which is crazy. But seeing as this episode falls on my birthday, I HAD to go solo and share just how much I’ve grown over the last year.

Currently it’s April 22nd, 4 days before my 23rd birthday, and I wanted to record this episode at the latest possible time on purpose. I really wanted to be as accurate as possible with where I am right now, so let’s first run down the biggest milestones I’ve had within the last year. And then I’m going to share the biggest lessons I’ve learned!


Milestone #1

I Graduated From College

Milestone #2

I Entered the World of Outsourcing

Milestone #3

I Started My First Big Girl Job

Milestone #4

I Launched This Podcast

Milestone #5

I put my other brand, The Melanin Perspective, on Hiatus

Milestone #6

I Started My Consulting Business

Milestone #7

I Got My First Paid Clients 

Milestone #8

I OFFICIALLY Launched My Business

Milestone #9

I Fell Into Alignment with My Brand Positioning

Milestone #10

I Can’t Announce Publicly Just Yet…


And of course, there were many other smaller milestones throughout the major ones as well! Now here are the biggest lessons I’ve learned:


Lesson #1

Don’t Be Hesitant to Pivot, But Don’t Fall into Shiny Object Syndrome

Lesson #2

Don’t Fall into Shiny Object Syndrome, But Don’t Be Hesitant to Pivot

Lesson #3

Keep My Big Goals To Myself Until They’re Locked In

Lesson #5

Don’t Accept the Bare Minimum (Or Less) From People Just Because They Have Good Intentions

Lesson #6

The Nerdiness and Ambitious Behavior I Used to Be Ashamed of in Grade School Was So Worth It

Lesson #7

It is Not My Responsibility to Validate Another Human Being

Lesson #8

Boundaries Are Essential and Should Not Incite Guilt

Lesson #9

I Can Multiply My Productivity By Showing Myself Enough Grace to Slow Down

Lesson #10

Pitch With Pose, But Unapologetically. The Worse They Can Do is Say “No” or Not Respond


It is so crazy to see the literal 180 my life has done during Year 22. Year 23 is my time to apply nonstop pressure, so I hope y’all are ready for it. I’m not letting up on anybody’s necks, and it’s going to be the best thing ever!


So stay tuned, stay boujee and bossed up, and I’ll catch you later!


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