March 24, 2022

Important Conversations in Media with Tiana Heath | March Media Marathon

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Important Conversations in Media with Tiana Heath | March Media Marathon


Still going strong in the #MarchMediaMarathon series with Talk Show Host, Tiana Heath, where she shares:

  • reoccurring themes for WOC to look out for in the media industry
  • the inspiration behind her show, Tee Talks
  • her biggest pet peeves when it comes to people reaching out for guidance


Check out the video interview below!



More About Tiana

A talk show host, producer, and author, Tiana Heath aka MsTeeTalk has been a part of the media industry for the last 10 years. Born and raised in Long Island, New York, she has always been passionate about helping people narrate their stories. More commonly known for her web show, ‘Tee Talk,’ Tiana gained her confidence by leading video logs about many topics ranging from personal anecdotes, hair tutorials, pop culture analyses, and many others. This became a blossoming interest for her, directing her education into a similar field where she would find success. Tiana graduated with her scholastic focus on Radio and Television from Brooklyn College, earning her Associates Degree in 2015 and her Bachelors in 2017. 

Following her graduation, Tiana revamped her video log show to become an interview series with the same familiar name, ‘Tee Talk,’ and went on to conduct over two hundred interviews including notable artists like R&B singer Bobby V and rapper Twista. Her most recent venture, Missing on Long Island, is an investigative YouTube series with a mission to highlight strange disappearances while helping the victims’ families. With a passion for the pen, Tiana loves to share her experiences through her writing. Her e-book, Harness the Power of Media Hosting, is all about empowering aspiring media hosts to tackle the challenges of the media in the 21st century. Tiana has always remained consistent over the years – she truly desires a platform that helps others shine in a remarkable way.


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