April 5, 2021

The Power of Pivoting with Sarah Luthy

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The Power of Pivoting with Sarah Luthy


It’s time for a change, Sis! In today’s episode, Sarah Luthy and I talk about:


  • the key signs to look for that’ll let you know when it’s time to pivot
  • the difference between pivoting and shiny object syndrome
  • how big of a role external influences should play when considering big changes


This is such a value-packed conversation!


More about Sarah

Sarah Luthy is a business coach for women in the wedding and creative industries. Sarah built a six-figure wedding floral design business from her less-than-fancy garage that allowed her to quit her job, pay herself a full-time income and achieve a fully booked calendar serving her dream clients all while in her early 20s. Brand strategy, marketing, client experience and pricing for profit are some of the things that Sarah believes is crucial to build a profitable business. Along with running her wedding business, Sarah helps passionate heart-led women who have the dream to imperfectly pursue their purpose and build a business that gives them joy on the daily – through 1:1 coaching, resources and her Podcast, ‘The Imperfect Pursuit’.


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