January 26, 2023

The Hoax of Black Haircare with Shaneece Thompson

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The Hoax of Black Haircare with Shaneece Thompson

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In S4E4 of #TheBoujeeBossUpPodcast, Khala and Boujee Boss Media’s Creative Director, Shaneece Thompson, discuss:

  • The inspiration behind her natural haircare line, Kai Blends
  • The biggest misconceptions about Black hair 
  • What it was like working with Khala on #BoujeeBossMedia behind-the-scenes

Watch the episode below!



More About Shaneece

Since 2019, Shaneece Thompson has served as the owner and maker of Kai Blends beauty products, selling from various physical locations including Newark Markerhood and The Sistah Shop at the Jersey Gardens Mall. She leverages her 10+ years of experience as an entrepreneur in the beauty industry to create a unique combination of sustainable, high-performing products.  

She currently lives in New Jersey with her husband and three kids.


Keep Up With Shaneece

Instagram: @kailblendsofficial

Website: kaiblends.com


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