December 7, 2020

The Biggest Mistake Successful Entrepreneurs Make

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The Biggest Mistake Successful Entrepreneurs Make


We need to have an honest conversation about how at least 90% of successful entrepreneurs begin developing arrogant mannerisms when they become successful.

Case and point, obviously people want to inquire the minds of successful people because they want to be successful themselves.

However, there’s a time and place to share all those different pieces of knowledge you possess when you’re successful.

If I’m asking someone a question about marketing tactics or SEO strategies, I don’t need a response about what roadblocks you had to overcome or things I need to let go of.

I asked a generic and straightforward question, don’t give me a deep Ted talk/sermon answer.

Business isn’t deep, entrepreneurship is. So if I asked a business based question, I’m looking for a business based response. The people who give all the deep answers in scenarios like these is where FLUFF is born.

You’ve got people out there thinking they don’t want it bad enough or they need some kumbaya when they really need to learn how to conduct market analysis, they need to figure out how to operate their website, they need to learn how to create workflows for the CRM systems…

So many successful entrepreneurs have shifted in the way they serve their audience due to becoming more ego driven and they don’t even realize it.

So how (as a successful person) can you avoid this? If people come to you for guidance, don’t analyze in the past tense – that’s how you end up making it about you and where you used to be which also further isolates the person asking the question. You’ve got to analyze in the present tense – meet them right where they are, nothing more nothing less.

Now granted, people may come to you thinking they have a business question when really it’s something deeper… for example, someone asking about FB ads because they don’t believe they can attract people organically. If they clearly express that to you then you should obviously address the limiting belief first.

But you have to exercise discernment to know what to address and when to address it.


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