February 15, 2021

How to Build a Five-Figure Funnel from Scratch

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How to Build a Five-Figure Funnel from Scratch


Welcome back to another episode of The Boujee Boss Up Podcast! Today I’m taking you behind the curtains once again to break down the funnel I created for my new ebook, Stop Hustling. I really only used 3 different software tools, but they were extremely effective, so let’s jump right in.


First things first, let’s analyze the backend logistics before we start building. I had my book, which I created in Canva and downloaded as a PDF. Of course I also had my book sales page on my website set up with the copy, images and buy buttons. Those buy buttons will be important later on, as that will kickoff this funnel. Next, I went into my email marketing provider, Convertkit, to create setup automations for those that buy the book, and those abandon the cart without purchasing. Let’s break these automations down even further.


An automation links two or more activities together, usually some sort of landing page or tag with an email sequence. An email sequence is exactly what it sounds like, a sequence of emails. When it comes to creating automations, I always recommend starting with the sequence. It’s here that you want to remember that I created two automations here, one for new book customers and one for those that abandoned the cart. So, I created two email sequences, and named one Stop Hustling Welcome and the other Stop Hustling Abandonment. 


For those of you who bought Stop Hustling, you’ve seen the welcome sequence that I’m about to explain. It consists of 5 emails: the initial welcome, the 3 bonus trainings, and the final pitch for my program, The Brand Boss Accelerator. The abandoned cart sequence only consists of two emails, one highlighting the bonus trainings and the other highlighting one of my client case studies. 


Okay, so boom. We’ve got the email sequences. Now we can set up the automations.


In order to start an automation, there needs to be some sort of trigger, like a button or an event or a tag. In both cases, the trigger was a tag. With the automation for new book customers, I created a tag called SH Book Leads, and for those that abandoned the cart, I created a tag called SH Cart Abandonment. I’ll explain later how all of this is going to come together, so just put a bookmark here. 


So now, you can just link the sequences to the appropriate tags, and you’ve got your automations. I should note here, that in Convertkit, all you’ll have to do is press the plus sign under the tags and the sequences you just created will be an option to choose from. It’s that simple.


Now that we’ve got our automations set up, let’s go in our second tool of this funnel, samcart. This is where my checkout page is housed. So, first things first, I attached the book pdf and filled out the basic product info in the settings. Then you can design the page however you want, there’s plenty of templates to choose from. 


The key component here, is in the integrations. You want to make sure that you integrate your email marketing provider in samcart because this is how you’ll be able to trigger the tags that will trigger the email sequences. To do this, you can go in the Convertkit settings to copy and paste the api key and secret in samcart


Once that is set up, this is when we want to set up the thank you page. Most online marketers let their thank you pages fall by the wayside, but this is one of the most important pages of the entire funnel. 


Seeing as samcart doesn’t have customizable thank you pages, I created a landing page in kajabi, which I already had to house the modules for The Brand Boss Accelerator. On my thank you page, I included the download button where I also attached the book pdf,  a video that’s a mini-training of sorts, and I also had two calls of action at the bottom of the page (podcast page and TBBA sales page).


So, now that we have the base logistics set up, I want to explain the logic behind the logistics before we start connecting everything. Even taking it back to the automations, obviously the welcome automation makes sense, but a lot of people don’t include abandoned cart automations. You would be missing out on revenue by approximately 70% (according to some studies) if you don’t try to get those people who leave your checkout page to come back. 


In kajabi, with the calls to action, you want to make sure that those CTAs make sense in the consumer journey. The reason why I link the podcast page and The Brand Boss Accelerator sales page is because that would be the next logical step I would want my consumers to take. It wouldn’t make sense for me to link my free lead magnet, The Brand Boss Starter Kit, on this thank you page because, they’re already a paying customer, so that would be going backwards. I want to increase the money they spend with me, not decrease. 


Now that we understand the psyche behind why we’ve set things up the way we have, let’s link everything together. Remember those buttons on the book sales page? You want to link those buttons to the checkout page in samcart. In samcart, remember that email marketing provider integration? You want to create two of what they call rules. The first rule will be that for everyone that completes their book purchase, that triggers the SH Book Leads tag. And remember, the tag triggers the email sequence, and we’ve already set all that up. 


Then, you want to create a separate rule for every prospect (cart abandoner), as samcart calls them. Those prospects will trigger the SH Cart Abandonment tag. Next, you want to make sure in your samcart settings that you link the kajabi thank you page instead of their automated thank you page.


Now in kajabi, of course you want to confirm that the download button links the book pdf and the CTAs link the appropriate pages. And there’s your basic book funnel. I do want to highlight that this funnel doesn’t necessarily have to be privy to books, but any sort of lower ticket digital product.


Regarding the actual content in the email sequences and the links included, I’ll probably do an entire episode dedicated to that, as email copy is it’s own beast. But once again, for those that purchased the book, you can just go back and look at the emails in your inbox to get a feel for how that goes. 


So, I hope that this episode was helpful, I’m sure there’s a lot of notes to take away. As always, let me know what you think and what you’re doing with your own funnels on Instagram. Use the hashtag #BBUP so I can share it.


Catch you next week!


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