August 30, 2020

Deactivate Your Dreams So You Can Activate Your Passions

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Deactivate Your Dreams So You Can Activate Your Passions


Welcome to the Boujee Boss Up Podcast, it’s been a long time coming! So long, and so eventful, in fact, that I decided to dedicate our very first episode to talking about my journey in getting here.

So for those that aren’t familiar with me, my name is Khala Simmons, founder and CEO of a beautiful self-development brand, The Melanin Perspective, where our mission is to enhance self-development of the Black Girl through mental health, emotional intelligence and physical well-being.

We started off as a blog last July, now we have a YouTube channel and some other projects in the works as well. So, now that you have a little background information of who I am and what I do, I going to share how I transitioned into podcasting.

I think we can all agree that podcasts, blogs, and YouTube Channels are the big 3 when it comes to content creation. And when I was in the beginning stages of my brand, I envisioned branching out into all of those platforms. But when it came to podcasts, that always seemed like something that was far off.

So, lets fast forward to this past July. I had just launched our YouTube Channel, TMP TV, as we like to call it (The official channel name is The Melanin Perspective) on the 1st. Throughout the process of setting up channel and filming videos, I had been binging a popular YouTuber and named Vanessa Lau, who posts a lot of videos about social media and YouTube growth. Outside of YouTube, though, Vanessa is the CEO of a program called the Bossgram Academy and in BGA she teaches you how to make a living with coaching 1-on-1 clients in your specific niche.

I know y’all are wondering, “okay, where is she going with this??” Trust me, I’m getting there, this will all make since in a few.

Now, I had also envisioned branching out into coaching as well, but not until years down the line when I was “more established.” However, I had seen too many raving reviews about Vanessa’s program and how applicable it was and how so many people who literally started at ground zero were making 4-5 even 6 figure incomes from 1-on-1 coaching in less than 60 days. And honestly, I was tired of working endlessly on my brand for little pay. So, I figured I would look into it and take a shot at the copywriting niche for my coaching program since I not only have blogging experience, I have a year and a half of admin copy experience, I’m a former newspaper Editor, and I have a minor in Mass Media.

Needless to say, the credibility is there.

But I still couldn’t afford the program. However, during Bossgram Academy’s most recent launch, they were giving away 9 scholarships and I wished with all my might that I would be one of the winners. I even wrote it down in my manifestation journal y’all.

Can you guess what happened?

I didn’t win.

And I was crushed for a little while. I had already came up with the program name, even put out a little branded carousel on social media on copywriting myths (it’s still on my page, so head over to @khalasimmons on IG to check it out) to try and field an audience. And I didn’t win.

So, now what?

Podcasting popped back up in my head.

But I was like, “nah, I just launched a YouTube channel this month and it doesn’t have enough subscribers for me to try to expand platforms.”

Never mind the fact that I already had videos filmed, edited and scheduled to post through September (this is in July btw).

Never mind the fact that I already had all my blog posts through August written and scheduled to post.

Never mind the fact that I am a BEAST when it comes to content planning and batch creation, so I had the time to start a podcast.

Never mind all of that because I felt like my other platforms didn’t have enough of a following.

I was going to branch out into a completely new industry with this copywriting coaching program, yet I was scared to take the next natural step for my brand and launch a podcast.

How crazy is that?!

And so, once I had that epiphany, I said to myself, “I’m gonna start a podcast.”

And y’all.

When I say the ideas flowed?!

I wrote down 3 months-worth of podcast topics in 10 minutes.

I had the name of the podcast and the cover design finished in 1 hour.

That’s when I really knew it was game time.

Whenever I’m able to batch plan content in a short amount of time, that’s how I know I’m on the right path and walking in my purpose. I know this about myself now, because it’s been a repeating factor over time.

I came up with TMP’s name, mission statement, and category topics in less than 30 minutes.

I planned 4 months of YouTube content in 1 hour.

I regularly plan blog content in 3-month batches.

I can create 90-93 social media posts for each month (3 posts a day) in 1 day.

All off the dome.

And it’s been the same organic process for this podcast.

So, here I am, recording the very first podcast episode nearly a month later, with the sound a little wonky, me trying to fight off a cold, a new full-time job and all my other platform content still going out. I don’t say all this to brag about my work ethic or even my content, for that matter. I shared this with you today in the hopes that you don’t let your fear of not being good enough stop you from activating your passions.

You don’t have to be a crazy person like me and push out new content every day of the week, but you need to start taking some sort of progressive action. And hopefully, you’ll take me along on that journey with you through this podcast because I’m going to be sharing how to navigate your path in ways, I wish someone had shared with me.

So, stay tuned, fam! It’s time to Boss Up.

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