September 28, 2020

Blog vs. YouTube vs. Podcast: Which One is the Best

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Blog vs. YouTube vs. Podcast: Which One is the Best


What’s up y’all, we’re back with another episode of The Boujee Boss Up Podcast. It’s been a month since we launched, so I figured it was time to compare my experiences of podcasting to blogging and YouTube/video content creation in general.

To me, these three platforms are like the big three, a trifecta of sorts when it comes to content creation, and it’s kind of cool that I get to dabble in all of them. I’m a firm believer that as not only a content creator, but an entrepreneur in general, you need to be providing some sort of free value through one of these platforms because they’re a perfect way to build like, know, and trust with your audience before springing your offer on them.

So, how this is going to work is I’m going to judge each platform based on a few categories and then give you an overview of my favorite platform at the end.

*My favorite platform for each category is marked by the asterix.


Blog*                         YouTube*                   Podcast*

– websites                  – Equipment               – audio

– themes                    – editing                     – editing

– domains                  – banners                   – podcast hosts

                                  – teasers                    – platforms



Blog                          YouTube                    Podcast*

-in the middle             -most expensive          – least expensive

(less than $200           (equipment)               (mic, boom arm, cable)

without all the

bells and whistles)



Blog*                         YouTube                    Podcast

-varies dependent       -outlines                     -transcription

upon writer,                -set up equipment       -set up equipment

niche, etc.                  -get out clothes           -run-through

-I don’t spend

much time on this    



Blog                          YouTube                    Podcast*

-varies dependent        -takes the longest        – takes the least because of

upon topic;                    ~Blunders                   transcription

usually less                   ~Thumbnails              – more raw

than 3 hours        



Blog                          YouTube                    Podcast*

-I don’t edit               – the longest                – cut out background noise

                                -cutting out blunders    – add intro and outro

                                -adding in text, audio,

                                video, etc.



Blog*                         YouTube                    Podcast

-tags                         -tags                         -show notes

-cross-link                -cross-link                  -tags

                                -description                -podcast player

                                -longest to upload      -copy & paste transcription



Blog*                         YouTube                    Podcast

-flyer graphic              –teasers                     -audiograms

-takes least                -in the middle             -takes the longest

amount of time


Now that we’ve broken down the different creative platforms, it’s time to share favorite at the moment. Right now, my favorite creative platform is the podcast.

I think it’s partly because this my newest platform and I love the beginning stages of the creative process. But another, and more dominate reason why I think I’m biased towards podcasts right now is because of how unfiltered this entire platform is.

As an entrepreneur trying to build a reputable and professional brand, I am a stickler about producing high quality content. And obviously with platforms like YouTube you have to kind of micro-manage how you look and the sound and the lighting and all the things.

But with all the different projects I’ve got going on and having my full-time job and just other life stuff, I have developed a deep appreciation for all thing raw and unfiltered.

Just as I said in last week’s episode, the big allure about podcasts and the reason why they’re taking off like crazy right now is because it’s a space where you don’t have to be grammatically correct, where you don’t have to look put together, where you can just be.

I record every podcast episode in my PJ’s and my headscarf in my room, fumbling all the way through and it’s the best thing ever.

Now, that’s not to say that I don’t still love blogging and video creation, because Lord knows I do.

I’m still a writer at my core, it still brings me joy to see how I weave words together.

I have become the ultimate tech nerd when it comes to video, I love seeing my video edits (although tedious) flow together seamlessly. Even now, I’m working on a huge project that requires a lot of filming and I’m ordering all this stuff and mad excited to see the finished product.

Sidenote: Check out my FREE Filming Phenom Bundle to master video content creation in one day. It’s got a video production checklist, a plug-and-play video outline template, and a breakdown of my 5-step in-and-out video production process. This is a MUST HAVE!

So, the deep appreciation for all creative platforms are still very prominent within regardless of my temporary preferences.

Now, what does this look like for you?

Some of you listening may have started producing content on one or more of these platforms already, some of you may not have started on anything yet.

But one thing I can assure you of is that all are viable stages to share your value with the world. Blogs catch a lot of flack for not being “in” anymore because videos and podcasts are usually more convenient for the consumer, but on the backend of the huge brands you see, they run the show.

When it comes to SEO and ranking high in the search engine, written words are easier to track than anything else. When you google something, the main things you see are written articles and blog posts, are they not? That’s why you’ll notice people transcribing podcast episodes and even videos and turning them into blog posts on their website, because they for one, know the power of repetition and they also know that transcriptions work well in the search engine.

So, I say all that to say, the creative platform you use is obviously up to you, but they’re all worth considering. And as you continue to grow, I recommend trying to expand platforms to generate as much brand awareness as possible.

You have a message worth hearing, and it’s time to share it with the world.

Today’s listener shoutout goes to pennwjr, aka Wayne. He is someone I have known for a most of my life, as we are all pretty much family and he’s also a content creator as well!

Wayne’s got his own podcast with his wife Felicia, or Aunt Fe as I know her. It’s called Marriage at Golgotha and it’s a Christian-based podcast for millennials who want to know the real about navigating through the church and relationships.

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