February 1, 2021

A New Era Has Arrived: My New Book, Stop Hustling, is Now Available!

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A New Era Has Arrived: My New Book, Stop Hustling, is Now Available!


A new era has arrived. Welcome back to another episode of The Boujee Boss Up Podcast. I’m sure you can tell from the title, that today is a big day: My new book is now available! It’s called Stop Hustling and it’s the ultimate guide to booking out your brand with no overwhelm. Ya girl has been busy in our month in a half hiatus. And I’ll get into more details about the book content a little later, but right now, I want to share the backstory of how all this came to be. 


So, let’s go back to mid-December 2020. I was wrapping up my beta program, called The Brand Boss Incubator, and was about to start creating the additional two modules for my full program, The Brand Boss Accelerator. (I’ll be doing a deep dive on that program next week.) Then, I received an email from Amy Nesheim (BBUP Ep. 8), promoting this book from a guy named Mike Shreeve. The book is called The One Book Millions Method. It was only $5 and I was intrigued by the book’s concept of using a cheap book in place of the common webinar or VSL  to not only grow your email list, but also screen high quality clients for your high ticket offers.


I buy the book, and approximately 3 pages in, I decide that I’m going to use this method. So, I finish reading the book a few days later, and it takes me about 5 days to complete my own book from conception to final form. It was January 2nd to be exact, when I finished formatting Stop Hustling, I’ll never forget that since it was the day after New Years. 


Now, in the midst of this, I had been wanting to upgrade my website because it was trash. I created that website right after launching this podcast, I wasn’t a Brand Consultant yet, I didn’t even have a paid offer at all at this point. My personal brand was not established at all, and the little identity I was trying to create was very much intertwined with my other brand, The Melanin Perspective (which is a huge no-no, btw). It just wasn’t representative of where I am now. I know I could’ve just updated the website and added a sales page to hold me over, but that didn’t feel right to do, not with the major transformation that I had gone through. 


I knew that it would be a high ask to try and add that to my list of things to do, especially with needing to update my program and promote this book. But as a Brand Consultant, I understand that I’m my first testimonial. I can’t have these dope offers on a subpar website, that just wouldn’t be a good look. 


So, I hit up Shaneece, one of my former clients, who is a bomb Creative Designer, and was like, “trying to get a website done asap, I have high expectations, but I’m willing to get down and dirty to push this out. Can you do it?” She said yes, and from there the crazy journey began. 


Next thing I know, I’m booking photoshoots and hiring a Copywriter, along with all the tedious logistics for the website. I’m building sales funnels from scratch, I’m updating contracts and workflows and invoices. And don’t forget I also had to create two entirely new modules for my program, and then update and re-record the other four modules from the beta program. 25 lessons total. Then, I decided to be even more extra and add bonus bundles to the program. So, there’s that.


We were on an extremely tight deadline because I wanted to launch this all on the same day, February 1st. Ideally I would’ve liked to launch in January, but I let that dream go when I started writing my book. I also knew that I wanted to do some kind of campaign for the book because them Beyoncé launches ain’t it. 


Y’all know exactly what I mean when I say Beyoncé launches, too. You know the people who drop stuff without announcing anything beforehand, and expect it to do wonders. Yea, I learned that lesson the hard way, and I won’t be fooled twice. It just so happened that after I finished most of my tasks, that I had a little over 3 weeks before launch.


So, I was like, “21 days, 2021, 21 reasons why people should stop hustling.” And thus, the #StopHustling21 campaign was born. If you’re interested in how that went, head over to my Instagram, @khalasimmons


Now don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t as smooth of a process as it sounds, there were definitely moments of stress, as with any launch. But it was surprisingly not nearly as overwhelming as you’d expect it to be. I think that’s due to me being a lot more intentional and being able to hash out everything quickly.


Looking back on this last month or so, I think the biggest piece of advice I could leave with you regarding your own launches is to lean into pivots. We had to adapt to so many changes, get resourceful like we never have before, but I’ve learned so much about myself as a businesswoman and I’m so proud of the brand that we’ve cultivated. It is so aligned with our mission to provide a luxurious, value-based experience for Female Creatives that will propel them to cultivate both reputable and profitable brands. It is so aligned with our vision to set the global stage for Businesswomen to make massive, progressive impact, while effortlessly sustaining their top tier lifestyles. It is so aligned with our core values, service, authenticity, and luxury. I feel in total alignment for the first time as an Entrepreneur, and it feels amazing.


So, when you go to khalasimmons.com/stophustling to grab a digital copy of this ebook, know that you will not only walk away with high-converting strategies to implement immediately, but you will also walk away inspired and uplifted. It’s only $4.99, only 59 pages long; go check it out and let me know what you think using #StopHustling21. 


I can’t wait for you to see what’s coming, I promise this is just the beginning of the ultimate boss up. 


It’s GO time.


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